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Tim Tebow and Bad Theology

I love the Denver Broncos. So much so, that it is actually good for us to live in Illinois so I can’t watch the Broncos every Sunday. My kids don’t have to see me yell at the TV anymore on Sunday afternoons. This year I have not missed watching the Broncos play because the first few games were awful. Recently the tide has turned for the Broncos thanks to the “messiah” Tim Tebow. The Denver Broncos are now 4-1 with Tebow at quarterback.

When Tim started as QB I was not a believer. How can a NFL quarterback be successful if he doesn’t have a passing game? Right now I don’t care about Tebow’s stats because he is winning. Last year Kyle Orton had great stats but he couldn’t win games when it counted. Now Tebow’s stats aren’t great but he is winning games. Last night’s last minute drive was unbelievable. I’m now a believer! Though he is unconventional, he is the QB for the Broncos. AFC West title here we come!

But here is what I don’t like about the Tebow phenomenon. It has nothing to do with Tebow’s deep faith. Honestly I think his testimony is great and his faith in the Lord is giving him the strength to stand up against immense criticism.

But what frustrates me is how some Christians say that God is blessing the Broncos with wins because of Tim’s faith. What kind of theology is that? What about guys on other teams who have a deep faith but their team doesn’t win? Do we actually think that God is concerned with football teams winning? It seems that the theology of God’s blessing is based on an equation. If we have a deep faith in God then God will bless us with success.

Tell that to believers in Iran who are suffering for standing up for Christ. Tell that to the eleven disciples of Christ who suffered and died for their faith. Tell that to impoverished believers all across the world who don’t have shelter or food to eat tonight. I don’t know where this flawed theology comes from but it frustrates me. We are selfish to think that God will bless us with success if we have a deep faith.

I think God smiles when he sees Tim Tebow play great football have practice a consistent faith in front of his critics. But I don’t think he is blessing the Broncos with wins because of it. The Broncos are just playing great football when it counts and the Jets fell apart at the last minute.

Am I wrong? Where does this bad theology come from?