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Man Up: The Kitchen


For some men, the kitchen is the room of the house that we fear. I attempt to cook but it never turns out well.  At our house, the kitchen is my wife’s domain, not mine. My wife has a system for everything in the kitchen and I have yet to figure it out. Our kitchen is the place where food is prepared and it is also the place where we eat together. It is here in the kitchen that I want to give you two simple suggestions for leading your family.

Serve Your Wife

Because my wife has a system for everything, my natural inclination is to get out of the kitchen as fast as I can. I would rather watch the news than wash the dishes. I would rather be served in the kitchen than serve. If I am going to lead my family well, I must begin by serving my wife in the kitchen. For me this means helping get drinks for our daughters and cleaning up after the meal. I will be the first to tell you that this doesn’t happen all the time.  I am still a work in progress but I am trying to lead by serving in the kitchen.

Praying at Meals

My daughters are watching me and emulating me. They catch more than I realize. When we sit down for dinner, we always pray before we eat. My daughters are hoping for speedy prayers as they have their forks in their hands ready to go. This is a perfect time to model praying with my daughters. Am I thinking about what I am saying or robotically talking to God? I have always wondered what God thinks when we robotically utter our dinner prayers. Recently our family has been reading the Lord’s Prayer together before dinner. Read more about that here.

These are two simple steps for leading your wife and children at home. Start small and you will begin to see a difference in how your wife and children relate to you. Experts say sex begins in the kitchen which leads us to our topic for tomorrow, “The Bedroom.”


A Roadmap for the Spiritual Development of Children

After a few months in my position as Family Director, I have realized one thing that is lacking in some churches today is a fluid curriculum and pathway for the spiritual development of children.  At our church we have two main events for children: Bibles for 3rd grade students and confirmation for 8th grade students. These two events are good but families need more than this.

For the past few months I have been reading and studying what other churches do in the way of a roadmap for the spiritual development of children and youth.  I have taken these ideas and morphed them into a format that fits our context at First Presbyterian.

Check my post tomorrow to see what this roadmap looks like!