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Evolutionary Christianity

“Part of the genius of genuine Christianity is that each generation has to think it through afresh. Precisely because (so Christians believe) God wants every single Christian to grow up in understanding as well as trust, the Christian faith has never been something that one generation can sort out in such a way as to leave their successors with no work to do. Like a young man inheriting a vast fortune, such a legacy could just make you lazy.”

– N.T. Wright in the foreword to “The King Jesus Gospel” by Scot McKnight

How can this current generation of church leaders empower and equip my generation to think through Christianity and the Church afresh?


The King Jesus Gospel

Why do young people who once made a decision for Christ no longer follow Christ in their adult years? What was the “gospel” they were preached?¬†What is the original Gospel contained in Scripture?

Scot McKnight’s new book “The King Jesus Gospel” gets to the heart of what the Gospel is all about. I’m definitely going to have to pick this one up.