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Top Ten Road Trip Reminders about Teenagers

I spent many hours over the past week with teenagers on our high school mission trip. So much of teenage life I have forgotten. It was a learning experience remembering what teenagers are really like.

Here is a list of top ten things I remembered about teenagers on this week long road trip to Alabama and back.

10. Teenagers eat a ton, especially guys

9. The smells that emanated from our vans were from another world

8. Social relationships are paramount – we told students which vans they would be in and this was definitely a crisis in their minds

7. Teenagers still need to be mothered – I had to constantly remind students to buckle their seat belts even halfway through the drive

6. White, suburban teenagers really like hip hop music

5. Whoever falls asleep in the van is liable to be poked, prodded and have pictures taken of them as they sleep

4. Teenagers think of fun, creative and sometimes weird things to occupy their time when they don’t have their cell phones or iPods

3. It is very important to lock the windows – teenagers have a fascination with moving the windows up and down

2. It is a beautiful thing to watch relationships deepen as we spend hours in the car together

1. Teenagers will always surprise you with their deep thoughts about life and spirituality

Thanks to all our students who let a crazy group of adults hangout with them for a week!