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Prayer of Examen

I now recall the past day. I replay it back in my head like a video tape and examen my actions looking for all the areas where I lived out the life of Christ. I also look for areas where God is teaching me. (Step 4 in the Prayer of Examen)

Last night I tried a new spiritual discipline and it turned out to be very instructive in my relationship with the Lord. For years I have attempted to get back into journaling but it never seems to stick. Maybe it’s because my handwriting is so bad or I’m so used to thinking as I type on a computer, but I can’t seem to get into the habit of journaling.

I found a great website,, that leads you through a series of questions that cause us to reflect on our day as if Jesus was sitting right in front of us. The folks at explain it this way, “The Prayer of Examen allows you to reflect and recall your day while examining how you live life in the presence of the Lord. By slowing down and examining your day, the Lord has the opportunity to reveal to you specific areas where you are and are not living in His presence.”

For me this prayer was a great way for me to look back on my day and see where God was working. It is hard to take the time to reflect like this but it is very valuable. It’s online which means I can do it from anywhere and I don’t have to endure my bad handwriting. Last night, through the instruction of the Holy Spirit, I was able to see things that I would have never noticed had I not slowed down to reflect.

If you are looking for a new way to reflect on your day and examine where God was working, check out the Prayer of Examen.