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Why Does Joseph Have His Shirt Off?

Last year we started a Christmas tradition of watching “The Nativity Story” together as a family. Our oldest daughter, Anna, who is in kindergarten is old enough to be inquisitive about everything she watches.  She doesn’t act interested when we read the Christmas story but when she watches it on TV, she pays attention.  Last night as we watched the movie she had a lot of great questions that led to great discussions.  Here is a glimpse at some of the conversations:

  • Why were the people in the town mad at Mary because she was pregnant?
  • Why did Joseph have his shirt off when he was sleeping?
  • Why doesn’t the angel have wings?
  • We talked about how Joseph wasn’t the real father of Jesus and how it was a miracle.  This almost went into “the talk” but I breezed around it.  I’m not quite ready for that one yet.
  • Anna made the connection between Zechariah and Elizabeth having a baby in old age and Abraham and Sarah having a baby in old age.
  • Anna also made a connection between Herod killing the babies and Pharaoh killing the babies when Moses was born.

I would definitely recommend watching this movie as a family this Christmas.  It is one “Christian” movie that I think is well done and accurately portrays some of the realities of Christ’s birth.  For kids that grow up in the church, it can make the story come alive in a way they have not seen before. This movie can definitely lead to some great conversations with our children.