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Be Here Now

A Microsoft ad made me get rid of an Apple product. I am a self-proclaimed Apple fanatic.  I love Apple products, especially when they enrich my life. Last week I took a big step and decided my iPhone was not enriching my life. I was watching the latest Microsoft ad for their new phone and the message of the ad really sunk in.  I was disconnected from the real world because of my iPhone. Having such powerful technology in my pocket was cool but I was not present with my kids and wife.

So I sold the phone.  It has been hard to get used to, but it is worth it.  On Friday we went to the mall and I didn’t bring my phone.  I wasn’t constantly checking my email and my Facebook. I have a cheap Walkman phone which is hard to text on. Even though it is a Walkman phone (they do make them) I can’t get music onto it but I don’t care about that. My phone is no longer my status symbol. I truly want to “be here now.”

Here is the ad from Microsoft that got me thinking.