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Star Wars Meets Heartlake City: Legos for Girls

Growing up with two brothers in the 1980s in the midst of the space craze, Legos were everywhere in our home. Without a TV in the house, every Saturday morning was spent designing the latest spaceship to Mars or Tatooine.

Now that I am a father of two girls, I had resigned myself to not having Legos around our home. I thought it would just be Barbies and dolls. Boy was I wrong! Randomly our oldest daughter Anna became infatuated with anything Star Wars. Gone were the pinks and purples; blue was now in. With Christmas coming, Anna began to dream of a Star Wars Lego set. I bought her a couple $5 Star Wars Lego sets that Target sells in what I call the “sucker aisle.” That’s the aisle that tempts you as you wait in line and try to keep your kids from touching all the candy. Anna loved playing with the Legos and dreaming up stories as she flew the ships around the house. Read the rest of this entry