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Hugh Halter’s Sacrilege: Book Review

Living in Littleton, Colorado I had the privilege of watching and hearing about the ministry of Hugh Halter, Matt Smay and the Adullam Community. To some in the Denver area, Hugh and his band of renegades were labeled as heretics, but their community was reaching those outside the church like no other church. Having read Hugh and Matt’s earlier books, Tangible Kingdom and And, I was excited to pick up Hugh’s newest book, Sacrilege.

I read most of the book during my monastery experience which made me feel a little sacrilege. In Sacrilege, Hugh explores how Jesus challenged the religious assumptions that people held and how these same assumptions hinder the church’s influence today. Read the rest of this entry


Jesus is Our Shepherd: Lent Family Devotions for 3/18/2012

This Lent Family Devotion is a big one for our girls. A few weeks ago when we talked about Jesus being the light and turned off the lights in our house, the girls freaked out in fear. They are scared to go back to the laundry room and get their shoes because it is dark back there. We are continually reinforcing the idea that when we are scared we need to pray to God for strength. Read the rest of this entry

I Am the Bread of Life: Lent Family Devotions for 2/26/2012

Warmup Questions

*Bonus points if you bake bread and eat it together as you discuss this lesson.

  • How often do we eat bread?
  • Why is eating bread important for our health?
The Word
  • Do you remember the story in the Bible where Jesus made a lot of bread? What happened?
  • A day later Jesus was talking to some of the same people and said something really interesting. He said, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty” (John 6:35).
  • Why do you think Jesus said he was the bread of life?
  • Is Jesus really bread? What is he saying?
The Connection
  • Just like we need bread and food each day to stay alive, we also need Jesus and a relationship with him
  • We were created for a relationship with Jesus
  • How is Jesus everything that we need?
  • Application question: What is one thing you can do each day to get to know Jesus better?
Symbol Activity
  • Each week we are going to color a symbol that represents what we talked about 
  • What do you think our symbol is today?
  • Now whenever you see this loaf of bread you can remember that a relationship with Jesus is what we really need in life
  • Color in the loaf of bread and then I will show you what we are going to do next
  • Now we are going to made a cube to put the bread on. Each week we will get a new symbol for the cube.
Here is the design for the cube that can be printed on card stock and cut out.
Here are the symbol cut outs for each week.
We are putting our cubes on the dinner table so we can ask our kids the application question each night at dinner.

Jesus, Rocks and Weed: Love Wins Ch. 6

Chapter Overview

Rob Bell begins his sixth chapter telling a story of a man he met who came to know the Lord in a very real way while smoking pot. In the midst of smoking pot in his home, this man felt a deep sense of love that literally knocked him to the floor and his only option was to accept this love and become a follower of Christ. Bell then weaves in the story of Moses striking a rock and water coming out to quench the thirst of the people. He makes the point that Paul makes later in the New Testament that Jesus was present in the rock (1 Cor. 10). God uses a variety of means to draw people to himself. Read the rest of this entry