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Praying for the Safe Return of Jessica Ridgeway

Over the last few days in the Denver metro area, the focus of the news has been on the disappearance of a ten year old girl, Jessica Ridgeway. She was walking to school and never made it there. As a parent this makes my heart break. Imagine sending your daughter to school and then she disappears. This is every parent’s greatest fear.

Jessica attends an elementary school to the north of where we live in and she is in the same school district as our girls. So we are receiving email correspondence from Jefferson County Schools as it relates to Jessica’s disappearance. We pick up our daughters from school each day and walk them home. In the past some kids walked home without their parents and now some of these parents are now picking up their kids themselves.

A horrible incident like this causes us as parents to think twice about the safety of our children. As followers of Christ, we still struggle with fear but we know that God ultimately is the only one who can protect our kids. God knows where Jessica Ridgeway is right now. So we pray. We pray for Jessica’s safe return. We pray for Jessica’s parents and family as they struggle through these days without their daughter.