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Identity Costumes and Easter Dresses

I remember hating to dress up for church as a child. My dress clothes never fit well and those darn clip-on ties were so uncomfortable. I always wondered why we had to dress up for church.

Now fast forward 25 years and now I’m the father of two daughters attempting to help my daughters get dressed for Easter. My mother-in-law had bought some great Easter dresses and on Palm Sunday our girls both wore the dresses to church. But something switched on Sunday morning. Our oldest daughter Anna, who is beginning to search for her identity as a girl in a world of pink and princesses, did not want to wear her Easter dress. My wife Hillary tried to convince Anna to wear the dress but it wasn’t working. In our co-parenting, there are just some times when I can use my “sales and deal making” skills to talk Anna into something that she doesn’t want to do but needs to. Read the rest of this entry