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Doing Justice: Education and the Cycle of Poverty

Yesterday I wrote a guest post over at Ed Cyzewski’s blog “In a Mirror Dimly” on our experiences so far in Edgewater. Ed was a classmate of mine at Taylor University and we’ve stayed in touch since then. He has some great insights on theology, parenthood and writing.

You can read the post here.


Variety in Spiritual Disciplines

My parents ingrained in my head from an early age that an important part of following Christ is spending time with him daily in solitude.  Given my personality, I need to add variety to these times so they don’t become an empty ritual.  I thought I would just share with you some of the elements I have added to this time recently.  My hope is that they might help you connect on a deeper level with the Lord.

Biography/Journal Reading I am currently reading Henri Nouwen’s journal from the last year of his life.  It is a breath of fresh air to read the inner thoughts and struggles of a man who is revered for his faith and wisdom.  It is encouraging to know that another person has the same thoughts of insecurity and unworthiness that go through my mind.  Find out more about the book here.

Praying the Liturgy of the Hours There are a great many practices of the Catholic Church that can enhance our spiritual walk as Protestants and the Liturgy of the Hours is one of them.  The Liturgy of the Hours is a mix of prayers, hymns and Scripture readings to be recited at specific hours of the day. Personally I download the podcasts and listen to them on my mobile device.  Find out more about the Liturgy of the Hours here.

Five Minute Retreat A college friend of mine, Ed Cyzewski, is writing a series of blog posts devoted to giving his readers a daily five minute retreat.  I love how Ed weaves breathing exercises, contemplation and Scripture into these exercises. Here is the Five Minute Retreat for today which focuses on peace.