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Dangerous Obedience: A New Blog Series

I fear the comfortable life. My culture is telling me that I should seek comfort and pleasure in cars, homes, technology, vacations and various other artifacts of American culture. Then I read stories of men and women in the Bible who followed God into places that were by no means comfortable. If anything Scripture shows that when people or nations became comfortable in their stuff, they were sliding away from God. King David got comfortable at home and didn’t want to mess with the danger of war, so he didn’t suit up with his fellow warriors. In his comfortableness he gave into the temptation of the desperate housewife next door.

In my own spiritual life, the opposite of seeking the comfortable lifestyle is stepping out into dangerous obedience. It is seeking God daily so that I can hear what he is whispering to me. Then it is believing in the power and provision of God to step out in obedience.

For the next few weeks, I want to take you on a journey through Scripture and learn from some of the overlooked stories of dangerous obedience. My hope is that your faith is challenged and that you experience what it is like to step out in faith and live the adventure that God has planned for us!

Here’s a little inspiration from Indiana Jones