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Finding Rest on a City Bus

Today I found rest for my soul on a city bus. I had thirty minutes to just sit without checking my email, reading the news or listening to music. It was beautiful.

I struggle with a restless soul especially during this season of my life. I am quick to become anxious and worry. I quickly leap for my phone and the endless checking of email, news and social media. This restlessness affects my relationship with God and my family. Read the rest of this entry


Why I Don’t Listen to My Pastor

Over the last eleven years in church work, one thing I have realized is that it is not good for me to listen to my pastor.  Before you think I am going rogue, what I mean is that I need to listen to another pastor each week for part of my spiritual nourishment.

It is hard to listen to the pastor on Sunday morning who is also my boss during the week.  This doesn’t mean that my pastors are hypocrites but the boss/employee relationship clouds the pastor/congregant relationship on Sunday morning.

So each Sunday night Hillary and I sit and listen to the person we call our pastor, Craig Groeschel of Lifechurch.  We love Craig’s practical, wise applications of Scripture.  I have even recommended that our Family Ministry staff on Sunday mornings find some way to be spiritually fed because they are serving during the sermon.

For those of you involved in ministry, do you have this same struggle of listening to your pastor?  Why do you think this is?