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Celebrating Advent as a Family

From Advent Conspiracy

If your kids are anything like ours, you have to work like crazy to fight against the consumerism of the holidays. Retailers are convincing our children they need the newest toy or electronic device. We can quickly be smothered by consumerism and lose sight of real reason we celebrate this season.

To help our family focus on Christmas and the birth of the Son of God, we intentionally celebrate Advent during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Here are some great resources for celebrating Advent and focusing your family on the birth of Christ:

This December, at Mountair Christian Church we are preaching through the four Advent messages of Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All from Advent Conspiracy.

Here’s a preview of their focus this Advent:


Celebrating Advent as a Family

This December our church is providing some great resources for families to celebrate Advent together.  We are preparing an Advent devotional available through email and have some great Advent readings and activities for families. The readings and activities follow the ideas of Advent Conspiracy. This upcoming Sunday we have Advent candles and a holder for families to purchase as part of this tradition.  You can check out the Advent readings here (1st Pres families don’t worry about printing this out. We will have them available on Sunday.):

Advent Readings and Activities

We have also included some great Advent Conspiracy family activities from Imago Dei in Oregon here.  Hillary and I excited to do these activities as a family and do the Advent readings each night at dinner.