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Here and Now: Loving Our Parish


Recently our little city of Edgewater just to the west of Denver was hit with a rash of graffiti. I first noticed marks of a night of illegal art on some hanging sculptures in the yard of a house we pass each day on the way to school. In recent months there have been at least 60-70 victims of graffiti. It’s hard to walk around Edgewater and not notice graffiti.

Teenagers in their boredom have left their mark on this city by defacing their neighbors’ homes with graffiti. Older neighbors fear for their safety as they believe graffiti is linked to gang behavior.

How are we leaving our mark?

Edgewater is our neighborhood; our parish. Parish is a seldom used word today but years ago it meant the territory or area assigned to a specific priest. That priest would be responsible for the pastoral care of that geographic area. The word parish was used most in Catholic circles.

Though the church I serve is located in a different neighborhood within a mile of Edgewater, our family is focused on deepening our roots in this neighborhood. Our kids go to school here and a lot of our family life revolves around this city that covers less than a square mile.  Read the rest of this entry


Your Local School: A Hub for Missional Engagement

We chose our home in Edgewater, Colorado as a missionary would. We thought and prayed for months that God would lead us to the right home where we could missionally engage the community and join the King in spreading his Kingdom. God planted us in Edgewater and we enrolled our daughters in our local, public elementary school.

We are still at the beginning stages of investing in our community but we have been amazed at how our local school is becoming a great hub for missional engagement. Here’s what we’ve experienced so far: Read the rest of this entry