War on Christmas



It’s that time of year again. Not just for Christmas trees, presents and carols but for the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!

Whether it’s just a fabricated, blown up message from Fox News or not, as followers of Jesus Christ, we need to think through what our response is to a changing culture.

If we look at the statistics of church attendance, we must realize that our culture is increasingly moving away from the historic Christian faith. Some are responding to these changes by blaming atheists and secular progressives. They call people to fight for celebrating Christmas by putting up nativity scenes on public property and saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.” Fox News seems to be capitalizing on this fight response.

But I would call us to a different response.

We need to acknowledge that our culture is changing and Christianity no longer has the voice in the public square that it once did.

We need to confess that we as followers of Christ are to blame; not atheists and secular progressives. We have put religion above a relationship. We have sought bigger buildings, more church programs and effective marketing instead of concentrating on Jesus’ form of culture change: true discipleship.

And if you do watch Fox News and your blood boils at all the talk of the war on Christmas, just turn off the TV. Anger is not a fruit of the Spirit.

So this Christmas season, may we acknowledge that as believers our call is not to fight but to submit to a King who did not come as a conquering king but as a selfless servant. May we run from the culture wars and seek to build bridges with our neighbors especially those whose religious beliefs are different from our own.

Remember one of the messages of the birth of Jesus was PEACE not WAR.




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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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