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Gifts of Presence Not Presents

It happens every Christmas morning at our house. The kids rush to open their presents and find what they so desperately wanted. They excitedly play with their new toys but inevitably by lunch time they are bored and wondering what to do. The gift they longed for just gets put in the toy box and they want something new.

What can we give our children that is longer lasting and more meaningful?

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Celebrating Advent as a Family

From Advent Conspiracy

If your kids are anything like ours, you have to work like crazy to fight against the consumerism of the holidays. Retailers are convincing our children they need the newest toy or electronic device. We can quickly be smothered by consumerism and lose sight of real reason we celebrate this season.

To help our family focus on Christmas and the birth of the Son of God, we intentionally celebrate Advent during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Here are some great resources for celebrating Advent and focusing your family on the birth of Christ:

This December, at Mountair Christian Church we are preaching through the four Advent messages of Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All from Advent Conspiracy.

Here’s a preview of their focus this Advent:

Empowering Our Daughters to Break Out of the Box

“Instead of being angry at their implications that I was a woman of low morals who could not be trusted with freedoms, I decided that I would make it one of my life’s goals … to show them that I was capable of more than they had ever allowed me to envision for my future…little did I know … I was embarking on a journey … so far removed from the fate any Pashtun woman is born into.” Saima Wahab

Currently I’m reading through an eye opening and hard to put down book by Saima Wahab titled “In My Father’s Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate.” Saima’s father was kidnapped by the Russians from their home in Afghanistan and she ended up in the Pacific Northwest with her uncles as a teenager. Before he was taken from his family, Saima’s father empowered his daughter and longed for her to go outside the gender roles for a Pashtun woman in Afghanistan. Saima took it upon herself to break out of the gender mold of her culture and be the woman she was ultimately created to be. Her story is an interesting one because it led her back to Afghanistan to be a translator for the US military forces.

As Hillary and I raise our two daughters, one of our goals is to empower them to be who God created them to be. We don’t want them to be held back by gender expectations even those that are present in church circles. God created male and female unique yet culture has created boxes that especially women need to live within. I want my daughters to be empowered to do what they believe God is calling them to do and not be held back because they are women.  Read the rest of this entry

Go Local: Benefits of Neighborhood Schools

Some of us support local small businesses and run to the farmer’s market to get the freshest fruits and vegetables. Why not take the same strategy and invest in our local, neighborhood school?

When we moved into our urban neighborhood just outside of Denver, Colorado we had some irrational fears about enrolling our daughters in the neighborhood elementary school. The test scores were not the greatest and we wondered if the school would have the same resources as the bigger suburban schools in wealthier neighborhoods.

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Your Local School: A Hub for Missional Engagement

We chose our home in Edgewater, Colorado as a missionary would. We thought and prayed for months that God would lead us to the right home where we could missionally engage the community and join the King in spreading his Kingdom. God planted us in Edgewater and we enrolled our daughters in our local, public elementary school.

We are still at the beginning stages of investing in our community but we have been amazed at how our local school is becoming a great hub for missional engagement. Here’s what we’ve experienced so far: Read the rest of this entry