Incorporating Children into Worship Services

One of the values we hold at Mountair Christian Church is that children are an integral part of the church. They have spiritual gifts that can be used and developed even while they are still children. Our hope is that they feel valued and incorporated into every part of the worship service as possible. Some churches keep children away from the adult worship services but we believe that by taking part in the worship services, children learn the practices and liturgy of the faith.

So how do we practically incorporate children into our worship services?

Children light the candles at the start of the service signifying Jesus’ entrance into the worshipping community

Children join in singing and even play in the worship band

After our worship songs and offering, our kids go down for Children’s Church during the sermon. Though we want to incorporate kids into worship, we know that developmentally they are at a different place in understanding theological truth. We teach on the same passage or topic as the adults but we design the curriculum in a way that children can understand. This way families are learning the same ideas and can discuss them at home and live them out together.

A big step  that we just took with incorporating children into worship was bringing them up after Children’s Church for communion. Some say that children cannot take communion unless they are first baptized. Being in the Disciples of Christ denomination, we do not practice infant baptism. Many of the children are baptized in later elementary or as teenagers. Though they might not be baptized, I believe they can understand why we celebrate communion on a weekly basis. We leave it up to parents to decide if their children are ready to take communion and provide resources for talking about communion with their children. Over the past few weeks it has been awesome to see parents whispering with their children and reminding them about the meaning of communion while we break bread together.

As baptisms occur in the worship service, we make sure the kids get to witness it so they can see the milestones of the faith in church. They see new members introduced and new believers baptized and great conversations happen because of what they see in the worship service. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our children are experiencing the practices and liturgy of the faith as they are welcomed as full participants in our worship services. Our hope is that this goes a long way toward them developing a lifelong faith in Jesus Christ.


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