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Incorporating Children into Worship Services

One of the values we hold at Mountair Christian Church is that children are an integral part of the church. They have spiritual gifts that can be used and developed even while they are still children. Our hope is that they feel valued and incorporated into every part of the worship service as possible. Some churches keep children away from the adult worship services but we believe that by taking part in the worship services, children learn the practices and liturgy of the faith. Read the rest of this entry


Sharing My Love of Politics

I grew up reading presidential biographies and even at one point had pictures of every president adorning my bedroom. I’ve loved politics since childhood and my daughter Anna seems to be picking up the same love for presidents and politics. We can’t stand all the political commercials that are flooding our TV in the swing state of Colorado, but we still like studying the history of the presidents.

Today I took her to the Colorado State Capitol in Denver and we took a tour through the building. She loved the Colorado state history and especially the pictures and artwork of various US presidents. I always like it when my daughters seem to share my interests because it doesn’t happen too often.

Here are some of our pictures:

With a statue of her favorite president, Lincoln

Two of her other favorites, Obama and Washington

With a model of the State Capital

Standing on the Mile High step

View toward the Denver City and County building

The Ministry Value of Proximity

A normal day begins with walking our daughters to school just down the street from our duplex. At school I see my bartender whose son is in my daughter’s class. I see members of our Community Group who work at the school or are dropping their kids off at school. Then I walk a little over a mile to work at church. In the afternoons I work from home or at a local coffee shop a few blocks from our house. Then I pick up our daughters from school with my wife. Then I close off the afternoon with a run around a beautiful lake just down the road from our house.

Most of my work and family life happens within a one mile radius of our house.

I am beginning to realize that one of the most strategic values of ministry life is proximity. Read the rest of this entry

Dishonesty, Politics and Its Effect on Children

At the dinner table last night our seven year old daughter Anna surprised us by saying, “I have to put on the belt of Truth when I am watching political ads on TV.” My daughter has already realized that she can’t trust the politicians and leaders of our country to tell the truth. This saddens me as a father and as a follower of Jesus.

My daughter watches the nightly news with me and is pretty informed about this election. She is observant enough to know that each side is blaming the other side for lies and half-truths. The reality of life is hitting her pretty early. Maybe it’s a pipe dream but I wish she could look up to her leaders as people she could trust and emulate. At this point, I would not want my daughter to grow up and emulate the dishonesty that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both modeling.

The discouraging part for me as a follower of Jesus is that both these men say their religious faiths inform their political views. Mormonism and Christianity uphold honesty and integrity. Yet integrity and truthfully saying what they believe is not something they or their campaigns are known for. Their lies and half-truths have created new fact checking roles for the media. The massive SuperPACs and 501(c)(4) nonprofits on the right and the left are making the whole situation even worse.

Will this ever change? Should we just come to expect that all politicians stretch the truth and lie even those that say that they follow the teachings of Jesus?

As a parent this is very discouraging for me. Especially when we are trying to raise our daughters to value honesty and integrity. But I guess Anna is right, we have to train our children at a young age to test everything they hear and discern what is Truth and what is a lie.

Praying for the Safe Return of Jessica Ridgeway

Over the last few days in the Denver metro area, the focus of the news has been on the disappearance of a ten year old girl, Jessica Ridgeway. She was walking to school and never made it there. As a parent this makes my heart break. Imagine sending your daughter to school and then she disappears. This is every parent’s greatest fear.

Jessica attends an elementary school to the north of where we live in and she is in the same school district as our girls. So we are receiving email correspondence from Jefferson County Schools as it relates to Jessica’s disappearance. We pick up our daughters from school each day and walk them home. In the past some kids walked home without their parents and now some of these parents are now picking up their kids themselves.

A horrible incident like this causes us as parents to think twice about the safety of our children. As followers of Christ, we still struggle with fear but we know that God ultimately is the only one who can protect our kids. God knows where Jessica Ridgeway is right now. So we pray. We pray for Jessica’s safe return. We pray for Jessica’s parents and family as they struggle through these days without their daughter.

Children and Questioning the Faith

'Questioned Proposal' photo (c) 2008, Ethan Lofton - license:

Ever get stumped by a question from your kids? Questions from our kids can be annoying at times especially when our kids are in the toddler stage. But sometimes the questions our kids ask are an eye into their soul. Asking questions and how we react to their questions is an important part of our child’s faith development.

Our youngest daughter Norah (5) blurted out a question one Sunday after church that just surprised us. We were talking with the girls about communion and what they learned in Children’s Church. Read the rest of this entry