The Distraction of Politics: Focusing on the Right Kingdom

In my teenage years I was the poster child for conservative politics. I read almost every presidential biography and had pictures of each president in my room. I wrote a essay in high school about how I would one day become president and outlaw abortion.  I attended a Bob Dole presidential rally as well as Dan Quayle’s launch of his presidential campaign in Huntington, Indiana.

I have always loved politics though my views have changed a bit over the years.

But at this stage of my life politics are a big distraction to what really should be important in my life.

Everywhere I look, listen and watch politics are the main show. Thankfully the Summer Olympics gave us a much needed break from the division and adolescent name calling of American politics. But with the announcement of Paul Ryan as Romney’s running mate we are back into the mud slinging. 

Immersing myself in political chatter, watching political commercials and reading the most recent news about the candidates does not bring up the best character traits in me. I’m temped, and sometimes unfortunately give into, posting a political statement on Twitter or Facebook. I get angry at both sides of the debate for their half-truths and avoidance of the real issues. I long for true leaders like Churchill and others who brought about unity and focus during times of crisis and upheaval. I dream of leaders who will be driven by solid values not by the pocket books of those who finance their campaigns.

Though I would much rather dive into political rants, I have to stay away. Politics, especially during this election season, are a distraction from my role as a father, husband, pastor and ultimately a Christ follower. Talking about politics, especially on Twitter and Facebook where real conversation and dialogue cannot occur, brings about division in the body of Christ. Honestly I feel that we as an American church have put far too much hope in the political machine instead of in a Savior who is bringing about restoration and redemption in this world. This is true of both Republicans and Democrats.

So this election season, I am fasting from the distraction of politics. I will be an educated voter but I will keep my thoughts to myself. I will join God in bringing about his Kingdom in the city where He has planted us. I will put my hope in a Savior who knows the future and will rule forever instead of in politicians who seek their own good and the good of their campaign financiers.

Join me in putting our faith in the Kingdom of God instead of the American kingdom.



About joelnewton

I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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  1. First of all, props for the Quayle 2000 image–that’s better than a fried potatoe. I’m with you on us putting too much hope in politicians–from either side. I do hope, however, that you break your fast for about fifteen minutes at the beginning of November to fill me in on what I need to know.

  2. Well said…so proud of you, Joel!

  3. chrisryanwrites

    Impressive view. I admire your position, and though we do not know each other, I would like to urge you to consider another path. Rather than keeping silent, perhaps the best use of your sound logic is as a beacon of reason in the upcoming storm of blame. Your insight could help many stop slinging mud and start thinking responsibly.

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