Homeless Families

From CBS.com

Yesterday my heart broke. A family with four young kids stopped by our church in need of a place to stay. Our office manager called area shelters and couldn’t find any with openings. In most cities, it is very hard to find a shelter that will take in families. Most of the time, shelters are just for men or women, not families.

So she called area motels on Colfax and finally found one with an opening. As I loaded up the family in our minivan, my heart broke for them. As I looked into the eyes of the children, I almost broke down crying. What was going through their minds? What has gone wrong in our society that children grow up without a roof over their head?

At Mountair, homeless is right in front of us. We can’t hide from it. What can we do about it? How do we equip them but not enable?

For me personally, I cannot stand to see families homeless or living in cars. The children do not deserve to grow up like this. I feel for the parents. I can’t imagine how they beat themselves up for not being able to provide for their children.

We must do something about homeless families.

Here’s a sobering 60 Minute special on homeless families. My hope and prayer is that this will move us to action. We all have a role to play in making sure that children have a roof over their heads.


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