New Ventures


It’s official! I’m start work tomorrow in my new role as Associate Pastor at Mountair Church in Lakewood, Colorado. We took a leap of faith at the end of May and moved our stuff into a storage unit as we waited for what job might come next. We’ve had some great family time staying with gracious friends and family over the last month, but now it’s time for stability again.

Mountair Christian Church is located near Sheridan and Colfax which is where Denver and Lakewood meet. A friend of mine from Denver Seminary, Trevor Lee, started as the Senior Pastor a few years ago. Along with the leadership of the church, Trevor realized that he needed more help in transitioning an aging church into a thriving, multicultural church. About half of the congregation is over 60 and lives outside of the immediate neighborhood of the church. Trevor and the leadership of the church has decided to put their savings into my position with the hope of changing the trajectory of the church over the next three years.

Hillary and I are excited to join what God is doing at Mountair! It’s a risky move into a church that could close its doors in the next few years. But if we have learned anything from our journey it’s that God works in amazing ways in ventures that are risky and unstable. The community around Mountair is mixed culturally, racially and economically. Mountair has built a reputation of being a loving and accepting place for those who are in need. There is a great history at Mountair over the last century and yet they are committed to changing to reach a new generation in their community. It will be exciting to see what God does!

In my role as Associate Pastor my primary responsibilities are the following:

1. Family Ministry. This includes developing ministries to children, youth, and
parents both within the church and in the community. Whenever possible we will use a unified approach to the family, not one that separates them into groups.

2. Community Development. This also has two components. The first is the development of Missional Communities as one of the three primary environments facilitated by the church (worship gatherings and Discipleship Groups are the other two). The second component is engaging the surrounding community (that’s broad on purpose).

3. Implementation. This means taking the lead on going from ideas to completion. Some examples of this are structures for ministries (policies, procedures, volunteer recruitment methods, etc.), infrastructure (web presence, online giving), and event organizing. Basically the behind the scenes stuff that has to be done for us to do things well.

My past job experiences at Oak Chapel, Foothills Bible Church, Apple Retail and First Presbyterian have uniquely prepared me for this new role. As I look back over the last fourteen years of ministry experience, each role has prepared me for this current position. In this new role I’ll also be stepping into new ministry areas like pastoral care and adult ministry. I’m excited for the challenge of this new role!

On Sunday we are moving into our new rental home in Edgewater, Colorado. Edgewater is a beautiful community less than a square mile which sits at the edge of Sloan’s Lake. There’s a beautiful view of Sloan’s Lake and downtown Denver from our house. The church is just over a mile from our house so I can walk or bike to work. The girls’ school is also in walking distance. The community around Mountair and Edgewater has a high percentage of Hispanics so we are all going to learn Spanish. Our girls will be in the minority at their elementary school as it is 80% Hispanic.

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers during this time! It is obvious to us that God has been guiding and directing our paths.

Our new home in Edgewater!


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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  1. I missed this post while I was in Pittsburgh. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to hearing about your new adventure.

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