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New Ventures


It’s official! I’m start work tomorrow in my new role as Associate Pastor at Mountair Church in Lakewood, Colorado. We took a leap of faith at the end of May and moved our stuff into a storage unit as we waited for what job might come next. We’ve had some great family time staying with gracious friends and family over the last month, but now it’s time for stability again. Read the rest of this entry


Brave Review: Breaking the Princess Stereotype by Dishonoring Fathers

A few months ago when we saw the first previews for Pixar’s latest movie Brave my girls and I were excited to finally see a heroine in a Pixar movie. My oldest daughter Anna loved the scene where the heroine Merida rips her dress to shoot an arrow. Anna doesn’t like princesses so she loved the idea of a princess standing up to what society wanted her to be (though my seven your old wouldn’t quite explain it that way). Read the rest of this entry

Define Your Values: Principles for Parenting #2

Any business or organization that is successful has defined the values that drive their decisions and consistently lives by them. The same idea is true with families and parenting. It took my wife Hillary and I almost five years into parenting to realize that we needed to come up with the values that drove our parenting decisions. We read an excellent book by Patrick Lencioni titled “The Three Questions for a Frantic Family” which caused us to ask some great questions about what it was that made our family unique. For five years, we had just made decisions based on what we thought was right and sometimes these decisions were not wise. These decisions also did not fit together cohesively. After reading The Three Questions for a Frantic Family we decided to discuss and define the values that would drive our parenting and ultimately our family. Read the rest of this entry

Reading Rainbow App Review


We are always on the lookout for apps that our girls enjoy yet also have an educational component. Recently our girls have loved iPad apps like Toy Story and Kung Fu Panda 3 that tell the stories with voices and sound effects. They like being able to turn the pages and interact with the story.

Last night I read that LaVar Burton of Reading Rainbow fame has designed a new iPad app. Being a child in the 80’s and 90’s, I grew up watching Reading Rainbow at school and loved every minute of it. When I heard of the Reading Rainbow app I knew I wanted my girls to experience the same excitement for reading that I enjoyed as a kid.

Read the rest of this entry

Evolution of Dad Documentary

Awareness is growing for the changing roles of fathers in American society especially as it relates to stay at home dads. Just in time for Father’s Day this weekend, a new documentary called “The Evolution of Dad” is releasing. Check out the trailer below or go to their website here

Living as Nomads: Transition Updates

On May 26, we packed up our belongings into a UHaul and headed west to Denver. We stayed in Denver for a week as I had interviews with a couple churches. Since then we have all been down in Roswell, New Mexico spending time with Hillary’s family. It’s been a great time of relaxing and eating awesome New Mexican food.

Last night we received a call from Mountair Church that I am the candidate for their Associate Pastor position. On Sunday, June 24 our family will attend church and spend time with the community there. Then on June 26 their church board will make their final decision. The role will include numerous different responsibilities but will focus on building missional communities and family ministry. The pastor, Trevor Lee, is a friend from Denver Seminary and has been at the church for a few years now. He and his wife Michelle have two kids very close to the ages of our girls. We are excited for the possibility of a great partnership with them. The end to our nomadic life is coming to an end!

Sunday we will be heading back up to Denver to look for rental homes in the Edgewater area just west of downtown Denver. We will be staying with some friends for the next week or so until we find a place.

If you think about it, you can pray for just the right place for us to live. Our hope is to find a place where we can grow a missional community in our neighborhood and connect people with a relationship with the Lord.

Spouse First, Parent Second: Principles for Parenting #1

Yesterday I introduced the idea that I don’t believe there is a perfect formula for parenting. Over the next few months I will be endeavoring to lay out principles for parenting that can hopefully apply regardless of the context. Today I want to talk about one of the hardest, yet most important principles for healthy children.

Spouse First, Parent Second

If you are a single parent, this principle still applies but in a somewhat different way. Instead of your first role being a spouse, your first role is to develop and look after yourself. So the principle could be you first, parent second. As a single parent, this is even more important. Read the rest of this entry

Throw Out the Parenting Formulas: Intro to Principles for Parenting

When we knew our first baby was on the way, Hillary read numerous books on parenting while I skimmed some of them. There were other parents who we interacted with during that time who were “those parents.” You know, the parents who read the book with the secret to getting your newborn to sleep through the night. Maybe you were one of those parents. We would all love that perfect universe where there was a perfect formula for parenting. But I believe the perfect formula just doesn’t exist. Read the rest of this entry

Scary Dreams and God the Comforter

Last night I woke up in a fog to a silent house. What woke me up? Then I heard my daughter Anna’s tearful scream from the next room. “Daddy!” she yelled. There is a difference between that annoying yell when we are trying to watch a movie and the girls need to go to bed and the terror filled cry in the middle of the night. I would be afraid for a person who gets in between me and my girls when I am rushing in to see what is wrong with them. I am fueled by pure adrenaline when I run to help my girls.

I immediately jumped out of bed, threw on my shorts and rushed into my girls’ room to see what was bothering Anna. There she was tears streaming down her cheeks and sweat covering her forehead as she was huddling under her blankets. I snuggled next to Anna and held her tight as her crying stopped and her heart beat slowed. She had just woken up from a scary dream about the caverns we had seen earlier in the day.

Being a father has opened my eyes to how God the Father must view us as his children. As I laid there with Anna, I thought of how God must feel when we are in pain and crying out for help. Does the God of the universe rush to us when we are crying out in fear and pain? Does his heart break when he sees us struggling and living in fear?

There are definitely times in my life where I feel like I am an annoyance to God. Like he has better things to do than to listen to my selfish requests. But last night as I lay there wrapping my arms around my daughter, I knew that God is there with us in our fear and unbelief. Like a father rushing to the aid of his child, God is present in our trials and moments of need. He doesn’t let us suffer alone.