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Finding Rest on a City Bus

Today I found rest for my soul on a city bus. I had thirty minutes to just sit without checking my email, reading the news or listening to music. It was beautiful.

I struggle with a restless soul especially during this season of my life. I am quick to become anxious and worry. I quickly leap for my phone and the endless checking of email, news and social media. This restlessness affects my relationship with God and my family. Read the rest of this entry


Identity Costumes and Easter Dresses

I remember hating to dress up for church as a child. My dress clothes never fit well and those darn clip-on ties were so uncomfortable. I always wondered why we had to dress up for church.

Now fast forward 25 years and now I’m the father of two daughters attempting to help my daughters get dressed for Easter. My mother-in-law had bought some great Easter dresses and on Palm Sunday our girls both wore the dresses to church. But something switched on Sunday morning. Our oldest daughter Anna, who is beginning to search for her identity as a girl in a world of pink and princesses, did not want to wear her Easter dress. My wife Hillary tried to convince Anna to wear the dress but it wasn’t working. In our co-parenting, there are just some times when I can use my “sales and deal making” skills to talk Anna into something that she doesn’t want to do but needs to. Read the rest of this entry

Hugh Halter’s Sacrilege: Book Review

Living in Littleton, Colorado I had the privilege of watching and hearing about the ministry of Hugh Halter, Matt Smay and the Adullam Community. To some in the Denver area, Hugh and his band of renegades were labeled as heretics, but their community was reaching those outside the church like no other church. Having read Hugh and Matt’s earlier books, Tangible Kingdom and And, I was excited to pick up Hugh’s newest book, Sacrilege.

I read most of the book during my monastery experience which made me feel a little sacrilege. In Sacrilege, Hugh explores how Jesus challenged the religious assumptions that people held and how these same assumptions hinder the church’s influence today. Read the rest of this entry

Jesus is the Vine: Lent Family Devotions


  • Take your children outside or to a park and find a bush or a tree in your hard that is budding for spring
  • What does this plant need to grow?
  • Does this plant produce anything? (flowers, leaves, fruit, etc.)
  • What happens if a branch breaks off? Does it still grow?
  • Today we are going to look at a story in the Bible where Jesus compares us to branches Read the rest of this entry