Byte Sized Newton Updates

I thought it might be time for a few byte sized updates on what is going on with our family.

  • We are still hoping and praying for a ministry job in the Denver metro area. Denver is home for our family.
  • Hillary and I fly out to Denver to interview for a youth ministry position the week after Easter.
  • This week I get the chance to spend a few days at Saint Gregory’s Abbey in Michigan. I am looking forward to the silence so I can spend uninterrupted time with the Lord with all the big decisions we are making about the future.
  • We are really excited that Peyton Manning is joining the Denver Broncos. It took Anna a few days to mourn the loss of “Tebow Time” but now she is coming around to the idea.
  • Our girls are growing up right in front of our eyes. This fall Norah enters kindergarten so we will have two girls in school. Where does the time go?
  • This summer is Hillary and I’s ten year wedding anniversary so we are spending almost a week without the kids in the Dominican Republic with two other couples from college. We are counting down the days!
  • Last week was Newton Kidney Transfer Week as my brother Ben donated his kidney to my dad. They are both recovering well!
  • I am continuing as the youth director at First Presbyterian to follow out our high school seniors. I am also helping our southwest campus work through the details of launching them as a new PCUSA church plant. I am building a new website, learning about church management systems, designing budgets and satisfying the systems side of my brain.
  • Here’s a picture of Anna’s favorite activity to do with her daddy

  • Thanks so much for your prayers through this transition. Hillary and I both have a deep sense of peace that God called us to transition from First Presbyterian and that he is preparing our next place of ministry.

About joelnewton

I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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