Lent Family Devotions 2012

Yesterday my six year old daughter Anna asked me what Lent is all about. It was kind of hard to explain to her. My wife and I go through different practices of Lent each year to prepare for Easter. We want to use our weekly family times to prepare our children for Easter. This year I am going to write a series of Lent Family Devotions over the next six weeks until Easter. My daughters love coloring and hands on activities so we are going to use a cube to illustrate six different metaphors that Jesus used to describe himself. Each week the girls will color an image that relates to these metaphors. Then on Easter they will open the cube to find the last image.

Here is the schedule if you want to join us on this Family Lent Journey.

Week Big Idea Bible Passage Symbol
February 26 Jesus is the bread of life John 6 Loaf of bread
March 4 Jesus is the light of the world John 8 Candle
March 11 Jesus is the way John 14 Path
March 18 Jesus is the good shepherd John 10 Shepherd’s staff
March 25 Jesus is the vine John 15 Vine and branches
April 1 Jesus is our Savior John 19 Cross
Easter Jesus is the resurrection and the life John 11 & 20 Empty tomb

Here is the link to the cube design that you can print and cut out. It’s probably best to use card stock if you have it as it will be more durable. We will help our daughters each make their own cube.

Each Sunday I will post the family devotion as well as the image to print out, color and paste onto the cube.


About joelnewton

I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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