Family Friendly Super Bowl

Now that our girls are at the age where they get excited about the Super Bowl and the commercials, I wonder if I really want them watching the game. This year they watched part of the game but Hillary had to turn off some of the commercials because they just weren’t appropriate for our kids. As a youth pastor, I watch the game with students at the annual Super Bowl party. It’s becoming more and more awkward to watch the game with youth group students because of the racy and sexually suggestive commercials.

Is the Super Bowl meant to be family friendly? It is marketed this way but then advertisers like GoDaddy, Victoria Secret and others design ads oozing with sexuality. Honestly I think advertisers’ creativity is lacking when they drop to the level of advertising sex. Then there’s the half-time show. This year I was glad my daughters were in bed so they missed M.I.A.’s flipping off a national audience. M.I.A. needs to be fined and do thousands of hours of community service in schools so she can see first hand the kids who she is influencing. What was she thinking? Or maybe she wasn’t.

I think the NFL needs to seriously consider who they are marketing to the Super Bowl to. Is it families or adults? If it is families, then work with NBC or whoever is broadcasting the game and monitor the commercials and halftime show. Do we need a ratings system for commercials now? I would love for my daughters to watch the Super Bowl but honestly I would have to say it’s not a family friendly show. And after the lack of creativity in commercials this year, I think I just want to watch the game next year.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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