Canceling Facebook

Today I made a big decision. It was a hard decision but a much needed one. I decided to end a relationship. I permanently deleted my Facebook account today.

Even as I went through the process of deleting my account, Facebook made me feel like I was missing out on something by leaving. It showed me four pictures, one being my wife, and said that each person would miss me. Will my wife actually miss me because I don’t have a Facebook account? No she won’t! But Facebook wants me to believe that relationships on Facebook are real and that I will be missed. The irony is that I actually live with my wife and when I am on Facebook, my wife misses me.

As I sit here I wonder what is happening on Facebook. It’s like a party is going on and I’m not invited. What am I missing? What won’t I know about because I’m not watching everyone’s lives going by on my Newsfeed?

What is the real impact of social media on relationships? I understand that social media can enhance relationships but isn’t relying on an online connection with someone a sort of relational crutch?

We were created for relationship. The type of relationship where we see the other person and listen to their voice. Being present with someone is powerful. I gave up on Facebook because I want to go back to experiencing the power of presence with those in my life. I want to listen to what is going on in their life. I don’t want to be limited to quick snippets. I don’t need Facebook to enhance my relationships. Seven years ago we were fully functional without Facebook. I can thrive without Facebook.

Sorry Facebook, I don’t need you.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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  1. I deleted my Facebook a while back and I absolutely loved it. My productivity increased and my general social interaction with people became much more meaningful to me. I completely agree with you about Facebook telling you that certain people will miss you- it’s quite comical because if you actually have a relationship with someone, chances are, it won’t matter that you are no longer on Facebook to prove your relationship exists. Great post!

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