Turn Off Your Dang Phone!

So this story about Alec Baldwin being thrown off a plane for not obeying the flight attendants when they told him to turn off his phone led me to go on this short rant.

Why is it that some people think they are above the law? Over Thanksgiving I sat next to a guy who three times didn’t listen to the instructions about turning off your phone before takeoff. The flight attendant would nicely tell him to turn off his cell phone and he would act like he was turning it off and put it in his pocket.  Then he would bring it out seconds after the flight attendant walked down the aisle.

My sense of justice went off the charts but luckily for this guy I didn’t say anything. It was not my place to go all justice league on him.

Why don’t people listen to flight attendants? Guy in the seat next to me just turn off your dang phone! Alec Baldwin, being a TV star does not give you the right to not obey the flight attendants and then vent on Twitter. NBC should mandate that Alec work as a flight attendant for two weeks and see what it is like to be disrespected.


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