Strengthening Marriages

For those of you who are married, do remember what it was like on your wedding day? Men, remember what your soon to be wife looked like as she walked toward you in all her glory. Women, remember when you looked into your soon to be husband’s eyes as he committed himself to you.

The wedding day is a magical time, yet it is not really what marriage is all about (engaged men, never tell your fiancé this). Marriage is about the intimate connection that happens between two people. It is about dealing with disappointment, wrong expectations and forgiveness in the midst of deep hurt. Marriage can bring you to the highest heights and plunge you into the depths.

In my role as Family Director at our church, I am realizing that we as a church need to do much more in terms of strengthening marriages. If children are to grow up with a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, then two parents who seek the Lord together are very important. But how do we help strengthen marriages? How do we encourage spouses who seek the Lord but their significant other does not? How do we encourage and support single parents yet work to strengthen marriages?

There are some tough questions that come up when a church thinks about marriage ministry. Thankfully there are some great resources out there for marriage enrichment. Just today I heard about Married People who are connected with the same organization that writes the Orange Curriculum that we use in our First Kids programming.

Here is a video preview from Married People that shows the importance of strengthening marriages. Get ready because it is definitely an emotional video.

MarriedPeople Vision Video from Orange on Vimeo.


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