Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

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Rarely a TV show comes along that speaks to the core of humanity and speaks of the heights of the human experience and the depths of suffering. In the wasteland of reality TV programming, came a show that sets the bar for what television SHOULD be about. In 2006 Peter Berg, Brian Grazer and David Nevins brought us the TV adaptation of the book Friday Night Lights. Tonight is the finale of the show on NBC.

Friday Night Lights holds a special place in our hearts. At the end of each season, we feared that NBC would not renew the show for the next season. Critics loved the show but the masses liked junk TV shows instead of a healthy show like FNL. It was not just a show about Texas football; it showed the reality of marriage and teenage life. It touched our hearts.

Here are the words of Coach Taylor at the end of the pilot episode. It really sums up the show.


What you gave us was something special. For one hour a week we were transported to Dillon, Texas and we are better people for it. You will be missed Friday Night Lights!


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