Monthly Archives: June 2011

Arrival in Alabama

We have arrived in Fairhope, Alabama! We are staying right on Mobile Bay and can see the storms roll across the water. It’s beautiful! A perfect place to debrief busy days of ministry. Tomorrow morning we are headed to Government Street Presbyterian in Mobile which is the church that is hosting us. Matthew Schaap and I will share in front of the congregation and then we will hangout with church members that night.

Everyone is in good health and enjoying our surroundings! Thanks for your prayers!


In Nashville: Land of Country Music and Barbecue

We made it to Nashville last night around 7 p.m. and enjoyed some great Nashville barbecue with Jaron Kamin, our former worship leader. First Presbyterian Church in Nashville has a great gym facility so we spent the night letting out steam in the gym. This morning we are heading out to Mobile, Alabama.

Thanks for your prayers!

Families, Technology and the Church


Recent studies from the Barna Group show that technology is having a profound impact on family life. David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group, writes, “Technology is shaping family interactions in unprecedented ways, but we seem to lack a strategic commitment to the stewardship of technology. The Christian community needs a better, more holistic understanding of how to manage existing and coming technological advances. Parents, tweens and teens need more coaching and input in order to face the countless choices they make regarding how technology affects their attention, interests, talents and resources.”  Read the rest of this entry

Simple Preaching

Here is a great interview of Rick Warren on the topic of simple, yet deep preaching. Check it out below.