Going Dark: Politics and Church Leadership

I am going dark for the next year and a half. Given the nature of politics in America and the fact that I am now in church leadership, I will not be commenting on politics for the next year and half. I might even go longer. In our polarizing political landscape anything I say will either be loved or hated. It is very hard to have an honest dialogue about politics without someone becoming angry. As a church leader it is better for me just to be quiet on political matters.


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  1. True, but politics is linked with social change, or stagnation I suppose. Shouldn’t the church and church leaders be actively seeking to change society for the better, like Jesus did? How do we impact society for the positive without talking about it?

  2. I agree – we do need to work for social change – it’s probably better to impact society at the grassroots level and stay away from using the pulpit to talk about political matters – especially in a denomination like ours (PCUSA) people hold political views on opposite ends of the spectrum – anything that is said that can be taken politically will be hated by half the group and love by the other half – I wish there was room for honest, thoughtful dialogue but sadly this is not possible with our explosive media outlets trying to polarize the public

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