Tuesday Reflections

Tuesday we started to get into a rhythm of serving and opening up ourselves to a different schedule. Students woke up ready to jump in and volunteer to help out. You all must have been praying! Human nature’s first response is to want to be served instead of serve others. The students are making this transition to serving and it is cool to see!

Here was the schedule for the day:

Group A

– L’Arche community – spending time with the developmentally disabled

– Taylor Park – playing basketball and having fun at a kids’ day camp in a lower income neighborhood of Mobile

Group B

– Coffee Club – wake up early to serve breakfast at Government Street Presbyterian to the homeless

– Downtown Pilgrimage – walk through downtown Mobile with our host, Kristin, as we learn about the life of the homeless in Mobile

– Camp Tonsmeire – experience camp with lower income children from the Boys and Girls Club

Group C

– Dumas Wesley – some of the guys helped with cleaning while the girls helped with a day camp for girls

– Boys and Girls Club – spend time with children

Group D

– Taylor Park – spend time with lower income children

– Dumas Wesley – cleaning around the ministry

Reflections from the Students

– Assumptions about the homeless being lazy or uneducated are being changed as they hear the stories of the homeless

– Realizing the power of presence as they sit by those who are disabled and can’t communicate at the L’Arche community

– Experience the love and hospitality of the L’Arche community from those who society tries to hide from us

– Understand the patience and energy it takes to work with children all day long during the summer

Prayer Going Forward

Our students are experiencing life in a world that is very foreign to them. They have heard about homelessness and lower income children, but they haven’t heard the stories first hand. Today we turn a corner in our trip. We will be helping them process their experiences so far and analyze what is going on from a deeper, spiritual perspective. Pray that the students will be open to thinking and dialoguing about these experiencing. Pray that God will open up their hearts and minds for what he wants to show them today. Today we will also start to transition them to thinking about how this experience changes how they live their lives when they get back. This will be our last day traveling to different ministries. Tonight we invite the L’Arche community into the house we are staying in and experience communion and dinner with them.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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  1. I thin that t Joel, the sponsors and students may not understand my message, but you will. Your blogging about your trip makes me “cry”! Blessings to all..you remain in our prayers, Patty

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