Sex and Consequences: Why I Love NBC’s “Parenthood”

From Entertainment Weekly

The best television shows educate us on the realities of life through telling us a compelling story that we can relate to. Hillary and I love NBC’s Parenthood exactly for this reason. We invest ourselves in the characters and talk about what we might do in the situation taking place on the screen. Parenthood tells the story of four grown children who are adapting to parenting their own children and dealing with their spouses. They are each in dialogue with each other about the trials of parenting and what it means to be a family. Parenthood is a realistic look at parenting today in a variety of different family types.

Last night’s episode was a great example of why I love Parenthood. Haddie, the 16 year old daughter of Adam and Kristina Braverman (seen above), is dating Alex who is a recovering alcoholic. Alex’s story is one of redemption but the Bravermans are still unsure of the relationship and wonder if they are having sex. Through an awkward event involving an accidental phone call, the Bravermans find out that their daughter is having sex. It shatters Adam’s view of his daughter and our hearts ached as we watch Haddie thirsting for her dad’s attention. The writers of Parenthood don’t take sex lightly and just breeze over the fact that Haddie had sex, but they show the consequences of sex on relationships. The preview for next week’s episode even showed a clip of Adam finding a pregnancy test in the dumpster and looking up at Haddie’s window. A sign that Parenthood will dive even deeper into the consequences of sex.

If you are a parent or work with teenagers I would highly recommend this show. It is a great jumping off point for some productive conversations about parenting styles and how to relate to our children. I applaud the writers of Parenthood for accurately showing the realities of life without glamorizing parenting and teenage life.


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  1. I LOVE this show. It moves me to tears pretty much every week. My favorite part of this week’s episode was when Adam’s sister Sarah was telling him that it is when our children are wanting to pull away that we need to do our best to stay connected. The push-pull of parenting is SO tough.

  2. My favorite part this week was when Adam picked up Haddie from soccer practice and cleaned up her wound. She was his little girl again in that moment. Definitely made me cry.

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