Built to Connect: The Value of Social Networks

If you believe the Christian narrative as recorded in the Bible, then before the world was made, the Trinity was in a beautiful, selfless, relational dance. Each member of the Trinity was looking to glorify the other members. It is the height of unselfish relationships. As human beings we were each created to join this dance and look to the interests of others instead of our own selfish desires. We were built to connect with God and with each other. We cannot function alone.

This drives our Family Ministry at First Presbyterian Church. We exist to help people connect with each other and with God. Helping people develop social networks is a huge part of this endeavor. We know that if parents are connected into small groups, they will hopefully find the connection and encouragement that they need. They will be more committed to the church and their children are more likely to be regularly involved in the ministries of the church. We also know that if children and students feel loved and accepted by a peer group at church then they are more likely to be involved on a regular basis. A lot of energy and resources are put into initiating and sustaining tribes of children, students and parents. It is through these tribes that spiritual growth flourishes. If you are connected into relationships with those who are seeking God, you are more likely to seek God yourself.

This principle of connection is also evident in other disciplines. Here is a great TED video of Nicholas Christakis talking about the value of social networks for transmitting ideas.


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