Calming the Storm: Family Lent Devotions for the Week of 3/27

A 1st century boat on the Sea of Galilee - Taken by Joel Newton

Big Idea: Jesus is not just another good religious teacher, he is the Son of God


  • For this family devotion, a change of location is needed
  • Find a local lake, the bigger the better, around where you live
  • Find a time when the weather is not too cold and travel to the lake for your family devotions

Opening Activity – As You Drive to the Lake

  • Tell your kids that you are going to a special place for family devotions this week
  • As you drive to the lake play “I Spy”
  • If you have played before, one person says, “I spy something that is pink” for instance (something inside the car)
  • Then the other people in the car guess what the person has spied
  • After the correct answer is found, then another person spies something in the car


  • When you get to the lake, sit down as a family on a dock if there is one or close to the water
  • Say: Today we are going to read a story about how the disciples finally saw the real power of Jesus. Today’s story happened on a big lake which is why we are here.
  • Say: As we read the story look out at the water and think about what it would have been like to be on the lake with Jesus.
  • Read Luke 8:22-25

Discussion Questions

  • What would it be like to be on a lake in the middle of a storm? Would you be scared?
  • What was Jesus doing during the storm?
  • When Jesus woke up, what did he do?
  • When Jesus calmed the storm, what were the disciples thinking?
  • After they saw Jesus calm the storm, how did that change their view of who Jesus was?
  • Finish the sentence, “Jesus is….”
  • What are some times in our lives when it is important to remember that Jesus is the Son of God? How does Jesus help us during those times?


  • We can talk to Jesus the Son of God and tell him whatever is on our minds. What are some things we can pray for as a family?


  • Take a picture of your family by the lake
  • Save the picture because we will use this to make a collage at the end of Lent

Here is a printable version of this Family Lent Devotion

Calming the Storm

Here’s a link to the Family Lent Devotions for 2012


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