Welcome to Dinner: Lent Family Devotions for the Week of March 20

From transfiguration.org

BIG IDEA: Jesus calls us to be welcoming to those around us and show hospitality (a little different take on the feeding of the 5000+)

– Tell me about a time when you felt left out. A time when your friends were doing something and they didn’t invite you.
– How did it make you feel?
– Today we are going to read about a time when Jesus’ disciples weren’t very welcoming and wanted to leave people out


Set the scenario for your kids
– You are one of Jesus’ disciples and you love alone time with him
– You are tired of always having to share Jesus with the thousands of people who follow him everyday
– Have the close their eyes and picture what it would be like to be one of Jesus’ disciples as you read the story

Read Matthew 14:13-21

– When it was dinner time and all the people were hungry, what did the disciples want Jesus to do?
– Were they being selfish or unselfish with Jesus?
– What did Jesus do?
– How do you think this made the disciples’ feel?
– Why do you think Jesus fed all the people? (he wanted everyone to feel included in the meal, not just the disciples)
– How do you think we as a family can be welcoming like Jesus was?
– Who are some people in our life who need some special love?
– How can we welcome them into what our family does?

– Close in prayer for the people in your life who need to be welcomed into your family life


– Take a picture of your family sitting down for dinner for the collage at the end of the Lent season


Here’s a link to the Family Lent Devotions for 2012


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