Faith: Family Lent Devotions for Week of March 14

Big Idea: When we pray, we remember that God has the power to answer our prayers


  • A blindfold

Opening Activity – Trust Fall

  • Say: We are going to start with a little activity. It might be hard for some of you.
  • Have your spouse put on the blindfold and talk them through what they will do
  • Say: First you will put on the blindfold and stand up tall. Fold your arms across your body and don’t bend your knees. When I say go you will fall backwards and I will catch you.
  • Have each child do the trust fall after you do it with your spouse.
  • Ask: How does it feel standing there with a blindfold getting ready to fall back?
  • Ask: Why did you fall back? Who did you have faith in before you fell back? (that you would catch them)


  • Say: Today we are going to learn about a man in the Bible who had faith in Jesus
  • Say: Close your eyes and as I read the story picture in your mind what it might look like. Think about how it might smell. What would the weather be like? What would Jesus look like?
  • Read Luke 7:1-10

Discussion Questions

  • What do you think the disciples were thinking when they saw this?
  • Who did the centurion have faith in?
  • Why do you think he knew Jesus would heal his servant?
  • When we pray, do we have faith that God can answer our prayers?
  • How do we know that God has the power to answer our prayers?


  • Spend some time praying for needs around you. Pray for those in Japan who are suffering.


  • Take a picture of your children holding up the blindfold (or even take a picture of the trust fall in progress) and save the picture
  • Save the picture because we will use this to make a collage at the end of Lent

Here’s a link to the Family Lent Devotions for 2012


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