Journey to Easter: Family Devotions for Lent

Today I am working on a set of family devotions for the season of Lent. My hope is that this will provide us with a valuable tool to help our children experience what it was like to be one of the disciples journeying with Jesus. What did they see? What did they think? How did it make them feel to watch their Master go through what he did?

Here is an outline of the devotions:

Week of…

March 6 – Peter and Andrew follow Jesus – Luke 4

March 13 – Jesus heals the captain’s servant – Luke 7

March 20 – Jesus feeds the 5000 – Matthew 14

March 27 – Jesus calms the storm – Luke 8

April 3 – Jesus welcomed into Jerusalem – Luke 21

April 10 – Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples – Luke 26

April 17 – Jesus’ death – Luke 27 – to be done on Good Friday

April 24 – Jesus’ resurrection – Luke 28 – to be done on Easter

I will be writing these devotions with a target audience of preK-2nd grade but you can tailor them to your children. They will last about 15-20 minutes and will include activities to drive home the message and experiential ways to immerse the children in the stories. My goal will be to get the devotion out by Monday of each week. This week’s lesson will be done this afternoon.


Here’s a link to the Family Lent Devotions for 2012


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