Sunday: The Most Segregated Day of the Week

This morning blogger Todd Rhoades posted the YouTube video below which is about a new book coming out titled “Church Diversity.” In the book, Scott Williams challenges churches to not just tolerate diversity but to embrace it. In our city of Champaign, Illinois children are bused to schools outside of their neighborhood so that our children benefit from diverse classrooms. But our churches are still highly segregated and so are our neighborhoods. This is definitely a book that I am going to pick up!

Read more about “Church Diversity” here.


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  1. Very interesting thoughts. I have always attributed this to the differing preference and comfort of worship styles, just as in our own church and our preferences to attend a traditional or contemporary worship service and not that of a preference in the specific race we worship with.

    What if churches partnered up with other types of churches. I know our church has partnered with others for vacation bible school and for helping out with local charities. What if a Presbyterian church could partner with a Baptist church in not just an outreach to help organizations in our community, but to worship with one another? Like an exchange program where one week we worship in one church and then another week we all worship in the other church. This wouldn’t have to take place all the time, but it would be a neat way to experience the worship style of another church without leaving your own. I know our choir recently came together with some of the choir members from the Baptist church and we had a ton of fun (well, at least I did). What if we just took that one step further and invited the congregation to join together too?

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