The Anti-Tithe

Here’s an interesting view on tithing and the financial goals of the church. What are the underlying assumptions and goals of this video? How can churches respond? Is it biblical for churches to “make money?”


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  1. WOW! That’s pretty harsh. We keep hearing that our congregation (Presbyterian Church in general) is diminishing. Yet this video talks as if churches in general are beginning to take over the country. Isn’t it in fact the opposite? While some churches may be growing, isn’t church attendance down in our country? And by a lot! While some churches will undoubtedly be abusing their power and using their money in a way that is very un-christian, it is awful to say that all churches are like this. Most are struggling to stay alive, true? But these videos are going to be made and will continue to twist the truth to benefit their own agenda. I don’t know how to fight this stuff except to live the exception. We need to live just as we have been talking in church – to be missionaries in our towns and neighborhoods so that people can see that our church isn’t like the ones in this video. People who make videos like this aren’t going to have their minds changed by what we say, but by what we do.

    I think that the underlying message in this video is that you don’t need church (or God) to live a good life. And in a way, that’s partially true. You can be good to other people and live according to the principals that Jesus teaches us without being a Christian. And with too many Christians who use Christ’s name in a way that only hurts Christianity, people are buying into this philosophy. But, being good to people is not enough. That’s what we understand as Christians. Unfortunately, I think this video will resonate with people because of the negative experiences that they have had with some “Christians.”
    Jesus wanted us to give, give, and give. I think that if a church is making money, then that’s wonderful as long as they continue to give and give and give. The more money that comes into the church, the more people the church can help. When the church starts spending money on itself (more than just the things that the church needs to operate which includes emergency money and money for a rainy day), then that’s when the church is benefitting and not the people outside the church.

    How can we respond? By showing our community that we don’t fit this picture of churches in America. Words aren’t going to change anything unless they are backed by actions. When words aren’t backed by actions, they become fuel for people just like those that made this video. But we can’t lash out at these people because that will also just prove to be fuel for them and their fight. We can only do it the way Jesus did; to love our neighbor as ourself. To do as he would have done. To not judge as the people in this video are judging us, but to love them. Yeah, a lot easier said than done. But I don’t think fighting back with words will do us any good.

    OK. That’s just my two cents on the issue.

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