Know Thy Spouse

Hillary and I laugh when we see all the Valentine’s Day commercials for jewelry. We laugh because we both know that if I spent money on jewelry for Hillary, she would kill me. This makes Valentine’s Day easy for me. I don’t have to stress over what kind of gift I am going to get my wife. Hillary’s love language is not gifts.

Today is a great day to bring up the idea of “love languages.” Gary Chapman, in his book “The Five Love Languages,” describes the different ways that we give and receive love. Too often married couples give love in the way that they receive it best and this “love language” is not well received by their spouse. In our marriage, Hillary’s love language is acts of service. If I drive Anna to school or empty the dishwasher Hillary’s love tank fills up. Early in our marriage Hillary and I had to be honest with each other on how we gave and received love.

What is your love language? What is your spouse’s love language? Here is a great online test to help spouses, singles and children find their love language.


About joelnewton

I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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