Insecurity and the GLBT Debate

Why is the Christian church so opposed to the gay community? Why is it that preachers are so quick to preach against the gay community but overlook the majority of their congregation who are submerged in debt and consumerism? Powerful emotions well up inside me when I see Christians react to the GLBT community with such anger and condemnation. What makes them so scared, afraid and angry?

Is it insecurity? I have spent many hours around middle school students who are going through the crazy adventures of insecurity. When these students are insecure, they usually say words to make others feel insecure. At a time when they themselves are struggling with their sexual identity they are quick to call another student “gay.” Christian students can be the worst at this. Could it be that some adults who are quick to speak out against the gay community are motivated by insecurity?

The more I read about Jesus, the more I believe that if he were in the United States today, he would anger church people. They would probably want to kill him. If we look at who he spent time with (prostitutes, tax collectors, outsiders), and who he angered (church leaders, self-righteous religious folks, insiders), I think he would take a totally different approach than the church does now with the GLBT community. Christians are arguing and fighting about whether acting out the gay lifestyle is a “sin.” What would happen if we asked Jesus if being gay was a sin? I think Jesus would throw back a question that would totally restructure the debate. He would challenge us to look at our own hearts and shortcomings instead of judging others.

If you are quick to judge the gay community, I would challenge you to read Andrew Marin’s book “Love is an Orientation.” His stories of ministering in the GLBT community in Chicago will open your mind to the human side of the debate. I know my thoughts and beliefs on this whole conversation were drastically changed when I built relationships with Chris, Vince and Domenic while I worked at Apple.



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  1. I believe that he would tell us that “he who has not sin shall cast the first stone.”

    But then, like he did to the prostitute, he would say to the GLBT community, “now go and sin no more.”

    If we are the body of Christ, if we are his hands and feet, like Scripture says, we must speak words of life and love, and part of that is to call people out of sin, not to ignore it simply because we fall short.

  2. Based on today’s religious landscape, nobody would believe him even if Jesus Christ himself came down from heaven today and say “Hey guys, chill out. Gay marriage is fine!” Glenn Beck would then tie him to being an islamist.

    Then again, they might think he’s a terrorist from the beginning and won’t let him through immigration.

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