Eminem, Chrysler and the Power of a Story

What sells a product? Last night companies spent millions working on the best commercial to sell their product. Some companies like GoDaddy and Skechers hope sex still sells. Others went for humor like Doritos and Pepsi Max. After last night, the one commercial that had a lasting effect on me was Chrysler’s commercial featuring the city of Detroit and Eminem. Watch it below:

What is it about this commercial that grabbed me? The story of redemption. The narrator says, “What does a town that has been to hell and back know about the finer things in life?” He then goes on to say, “The hottest fires make the hardest steel.” Those who have gone through the struggles of life are drawn to stories of redemption. There is something in them that we can relate to.

Not everyone likes the stories of redemption. There is a human element that is critical of those who have suffered big for their mistakes and lived to tell about it. We have to experience grace to know grace. A critical spirit has not experienced grace. Those who condemn have not gone through the fires of hell and lived to tell about it. Life is not all the fairytale world of a kid like Justin Bieber. Some of us can relate better with the grit and grime of Eminem. It’s the true nature of humanity.

There’s a little bit of Detroit in all our souls. We just have to be honest enough to recognize it. We are more like Eminem than Bieber. But just like the marquee in the Chrysler commercial, we can make Detroit beautiful. We are not left with souls that are full of grit and grime. We can be beautiful again.


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