Where Have All the Presbyterians Gone?

America’s mainline denominations are in decline. The Presbyterian Church is one of many denominations that has been in decline for the past three decades. Russell Moore has a great opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal this morning which talks to this decline of the mainline church. Inside this insightful article is hidden a piece of hope:

But there are some signs of a growing church-focused evangelicalism. Many young evangelicals may be poised to reconsider denominational doctrine, if for no other reason than they are showing signs of fatigue with typical evangelical consumerism.

The Presbyterian Church, and other denominations like it, need to recognize this shift in younger believers. We can’t offer a “Christianity-lite” devoid of everything that is potentially offensive and run from the parts of Scripture we don’t like. We need to offer a true Christianity that tells us to risk all for a mission that can change the world. We are sick of a feel good Christianity that gives us the warm fuzzies like a sugary Starbucks mocha. Something within us younger believers comes alive when we hear about a Gospel that calls us to take up our crosses. Any other “gospel” just isn’t worth our time and energy.



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