Council of Dads

What would happen to your children if you passed away? Who would be there for their birthday parties, the first date and their wedding? For Bruce Feiler, author of Walking the Bible, these questions became reality when he was diagnosed with cancer. He worried about who would be there for his daughters as they grew up and experienced the big moments of their childhood. Feiler decided to be proactive and form a “Council of Dads” who would be there for his daughters as they experienced life without him. Watch Feiler talk about this experience below.

Thankfully, Feiler is cancer free now and has written a book Council of Dads chronicling his journey with cancer. You can find out more about this “council of dads” idea on Feiler’s website. I love the idea of forming a council of dads for our children. We don’t have to be facing a serious disease to form a group like this. It is important to recognize that we have a role to play in the lives of children in our community regardless if they are our own. Even though Hillary and I don’t have sons, I get the privilege of being a “dad” to the boys at our church and in our neighborhood. Who can you be a “father” or a “mother” to in your neighborhood or sphere of influence?


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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