“Our Father” – Lord’s Prayer Faith@Home Activity

Hillary and I are leading our daughters through a series of Faith@Home activities  focused on the different phrases in the Lord’s Prayer. We say the prayer at dinner in an effort to train them to pray. This week we focused on the phrase “our Father” for our Faith@Home activity. We thought we would pass on what we did so you can try it with your children.

Warm Up – Who’s the Daddy Game

  • We started by playing a guessing game with the girls
  • We said the name of a person or cartoon character and they had to say who that person’s dad was. Norah, our four year old, didn’t quite get it but Anna, our almost six year old, guessed all of them but one. I stumped her by asking who Cinderella’s dad was.

Discussion Questions

  • Now that we have talked about some dads and their children, we are going to talk about the Lord’s Prayer and the first part of it.
  • What is the first part of the Lord’s Prayer? (Our Father)
  • Who is our Father? (real dad and God) – at this point Anna came to the conclusion that God is our “second dad”
  • How is God our Father? (He created us)
  • Read Galatians 3:26 – “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith”


  • What are some things your dad does with you?
  • How is God like your dad? (he wants to spend time with us – he loves us – this is assuming a healthy home environment)
  • What are some ways you can spend time with God? (talk to him – read stories from the Bible – Anna said she wants to listen to her worship music in her room)


  • Have your children draw what they think God looks like
  • As you draw remember that God is your Father
  • How does that change what you are drawing?

About joelnewton

I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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  1. YAY! Thank you! I printed out the sheets a while back and then haven’t done anything. Then I found a great little children’s book with the prayer in it. Now, we have an activity to go with it. Thank you, Joel and Hillary, oh and Norah and Anna too!

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