Boredom and Creativity

I don’t remember being bored as a child.  Maybe it was because we didn’t have a TV and that we had a huge field outside our back door.  Maybe it was because I thought I was Daniel Boone with my big hunting knife and hatchet. Maybe it was because I am a boy.

Now that we have daughters I am realizing that boredom is alive and well. Especially this last week when our oldest daughter was on Christmas Break. Just tonight Anna, our oldest, asked what we were doing after dinner. We had played board games several nights in a row and entertained them through most of the days.  Anna finally became frustrated and exclaimed, “I’m bored!”

At that moment I was totally ok with Anna being bored. She has new toys from Christmas and multiple things to do around the house.  She can figure out an activity for the night on her own. If we continue to be her activity coordinators, we will just be worn out all the time.  I think our daughters will also lose some of their creativity if we are always programming their days.  Obviously balance is the key here. I found this great article which says that we need to structure “unstructured time” for our kids. Too often we run ourselves ragged trying to program our kids’ lives when what they need most is to be bored. After boredom comes creativity.


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I am a husband to Hillary, a father to Anna and Norah

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